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Lorrie's Fishtail Lace Scarf

Little Shell Lace Baby Bonnet

Wavy Lacy Ribbing Instructions 

Here you'll find several nice patterns, particularly the lace shawl on pg 21a and b

Not a free pattern, but a whole lot of pure, unadulterated whitework 
Lace eye candy, knit by Michael Kaprelian (there might be a link to a free pattern on the last page, so I guess it sorta fits in?)
Three-Piece Lacy Set
This is a classic from the June 1982 issue which was sent to Princess of Wales.

Heirloom Shawl

Prince Of Wales Feathers Set

Not really lace, but a nice bead knitting Christmas Ornament from 
BagLady -- perfect for seeing whether or not bead knitting is for you:
Knotted Openwork Scarf
Girl's Lace Panel Cardigan
lace knitting tips, and a pattern for a dishcloth and an edging - no charts
Lacy scarf pattern with feather and fan stitch pattern. 

Here is a lovely heirloom lace baby blanket.

Trinity Stitch Shawl
Earth Heart Designs has the "Diamonds and Flowers" lace shawl -- and be 
Sure to check the other free patterns offered
Elann Free patterns
Lacy Shawl Pattern

Vintage lace patterns, site also offers historical knitting facts, tidbits and patterns treasury

Orenburg style lace shawl in pdf format
Lace patterns from
You have to sign up at this site to access patterns and you need acrobat reader to view them.
The patterns are clear and they have professional photos with them.
I tried the links without logging in and they worked, your mileage may vary.  
Here are a few noteworthy items available there:

A very lacy bookmark
A lacy little purse
Two lovely lace doilies, here
and here

A pretty lampshade cover
A little valance

"Cats Paw Lace Shawl"

A sweet lace collar

Cotton vest with stripes in different lace patterns - no charts

Lacy Cardigan with matching hat and mitts

lme Doily
Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's website, Heartstrings  She has the following lace patterns available free:
Charlene's Scarf - interesting texture using a small amount of yarn
Dolly Faroese - a Faroese-style shawl pattern for the beginner
Lace Sampler Scarf -a wide range of lace or lace-like stitches 
Long Ways Scarf - A sideways knitted scarf in delicate daisy lace and honeycomb stitches 
Morning Surf Scarf - lace-like waves 
Peaks and Valleys Scarf - narrow panels of lace  in a simple 2-row pattern. 
Reversible Lace Ladders - A simple rectangular scarf to knit in a lacy reversible stitch 
Troika Scarf - Easy odd ball scarf knit sideways along the length of the scarf in garter stitch
Bird's Eye Shawl
Free Lace Patterns
Heirloom lace spiral doily
Garland Shawl 

Shell and Wave Shawl 

Clove Stitch Shawl

Autumn Shawl

Knitting lace

Knitted Lace Doily from Australian Home Journal, January 1st 1937.

Lace edgings and insertions

Lace doily

Coats, Capes, Ponchos and Shawls

Lace Bookmarks

Charisma Scarf

Simple Knitted Lace Scarf

Erica's Easily Expandable Anyone-Can-Make-One Shawl Workshop

Lace Patterns List
Rose Trellis Shawl Pattern from the blog "So Much Fiber, So Little Time"
Link to the designer's photos of the shawl:
Tessa's Shawl, by Lynda Illingsworth
Anna's Shawl, by Lynda Illingsworth
Faux Lace Scarf 

Judy Gibson's website – several free lace patterns 

Mielke's Farm  Old Shale Scarf Pattern 

Angel Lace Baby Cap

Nurhanne's translated Dutch lace doilies
Ozyarn has three lace scarf patterns of varying difficulty
Rebecca Online - click on 'patterns' - sweater with eyelet pattern
Diamond Rib Baby Shawl
J&S just released a very pretty lace jumper pattern from People's Friend (one that you used to have to pay for!): 

Cybersocks -- Jackie's Errant Ankles Lace Socks 

Rebecca’s free lace sock pattern on her website: 

Knitted Lace Shawl 

Triangular shawl - pattern in German, but also in English when you scroll down
Crystal Palace has a nice collection of free stuff, including several nice lace patterns: 
Arches and Columns scarf
Lace Panel vest
Italian Eyelet T Shirt
Madeira Cascade Lace Scarf

Feather and Fan Shawl 

Lace Baby Blanket


Lacy Shrug

Kim Salazar’s Wiseneedle

Lace socks

Little Leaf Scarf - An Original Design by Sivia Harding 

Little Arrowhead Lace Sock, by Nancy Bush

This has a tutorial on lace knitting.