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    Kitties modeling their beds, knitted from my pattern, available here.
    Lucy's first kitty bed, knitted from Big
Kureyon on Size 11 needles.
Lucy's second bed, Knitted from Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Bulky (blues greens) and Trendsetter Shadow in shade 1003 held doubled on US 15 needles.
    Cat's Lala Pearl investigates her new bed, knitted from Heilo wool, and finds it to her liking!
    Another bed knitted by Cat, this one from Noro Kureyon, for kitty Taylor.
Carol: My sister, an avid knitter, asked me to send you a picture of my cat in one of the cat beds based on your pattern. My cat makes the knit bed part of her nightly rotation and spends about four hours in it before she gets in bed with me. I love it and think she is really comfortable in it.

    Here is Kato lounging in her luxurious kitty bed--it's made of leftover Lamb's Pride
Brown Sheep, Berroco Zap and Outback
Wool by "Uncle Leona."
A bed knitted by Kathleen, who does not have a cat but knit it for friends, from a combination of Lamb's Pride Bulky and worsted.  The eyelash is Lion Brand Fun Fur held doubled.
    From Brooks: We decided to give this first bed to Osiris--he's getting on in years and needs a cozy place to curl up his old bones. I used hand-dyed Brown Sheep wool, bought at Springwater Fiber! The novelty yarn is Eyelash by Trendsetter Yarns.

Here is Linda's Bonnie, relaxing in her kitty bed, knit in Lopi and edged with online linie magic doubled since it is so fine.



 Knitted by Deb, of Yentala!

Merrick: Pictured, is the Emacee enjoying her kitty bed as she does most weekends.  At first, I had to coax her in with toys, and placement in sun beams, but now I’ll come home at any time of day to see her curled up in it dead asleep!
    Lori: I'm enclosing a picture of Petey enjoying the new bed.  Even though he appears to like it, I think I might just knit him another one because this one makes an extremely cute footstool slipcover! (Pic also enclosed.)  Did you know this pattern was so versatile?


From Marianne in Sweden:

I have 4 cats, mother Wilma, the son
Simba (they are red and white), and the
two girl kittens Nora and Maja. I have done
a bed, but they have not taken it to their hearts yet. But I'm sure they will!! I made it with leftover yarn, and the colour is not so nice perhaps!! When I took the picture none of the cats would sleep in it!!
Aven: Here is Tigger enjoying his new bed. I knit it from Bulky Lopi (without any eyelash yarn trim), because Tigger had been  persistently sleeping on a sweater knit from that yarn, and I wanted to get a chance to wear the sweater occasionally! It was fun and easy to knit, and Tigger says "thanks" to you and to Lucy for inspiring the


    Erin: I couldn't resist knitting your kitty bed and it turned out great. My kitty, Velcro,
loves it. I used Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1
(bulky lopi) in two shades of pink, adding a strand of Trensetter flora for a confetti
effect and a strand of pink mohair to the lighter pink for extra fuzziness.
Ali: Thank you so much for the pattern! It came along at the perfect time as I needed a shower gift for my brother & his fiancee. What do you get the people who are merging 2 households? Presents for her cats! (My cat, Leia, is modeling.) I used Big Kureyon #5, and was a little under zealous in the blocking. Jess, my future sis-in-law, says her kitties don’t quite fit, but they enjoy laying on it. I’m currently making a bed in Kureyon #52 for my spoiled kits.
    Julia: I used up some Icelandic wool that I've had in my stash for over a decade. The result was a wonderful bed for my cat Townes (orange), which Tuna (black & tan) also uses. (We will have to make Ms. Tuna one of her own). I keep it right next to my Mac, where Townie used to huddle shivering in the morning in order to be close to his mommy.  No more shivers - now he huddles in style!

    Claire: Lulu in her Kitty Pi, made with Lopi
and some pink fuzzy stuff from my stash.
Debby: I have a new kitten, Phoebe, who needed a warm place to call her own, and the Kitty Pi bed was the perfect answer. I used three strands of Fingerlakes Unspun Wool, and an inexpensive eyelash yarn. It took two washings to felt completely. 
    Cindy's Jingle Bells, asleep in her bed
    Laura: Here are two photos of Portia enjoying her Kitty Pi
    Deirdre: Wanted to send some pictures of the kitty beds I made with your pattern. They came out great & the kids love them.  They were my first felting projects (beds not cats) & I used Lamb's Pride Bulky & Paton's Cha-Cha. The picture with the cat is of Gemma. Caesar was not cooperating for his cyber moment. ;-)
    Caitlin: I've made two beds so far, one of big kureyon on size 13 needles (which I think might be the problem, but I'll get to that) and one of lamb's pride bulky on size 15s, both with Filatura di Crosa Geisha Print for the eyelash. I felted both as directed two times and the big kureyon one is still incredibly floppy. The lamb's pride one is still slightly floppy, but I remedied the problem by flipping the stockinette side inside and then folding the eyelash part over.
    Two kitty beds knitted by Cathi
    Martha: Here is my version of your felted kitty bed. I forget what yarn I used - it was some handpainted bulky I had in my stash. The first photo is Max (the cat) in the kitty bed. Max is a spectacularly beautiful stray we adopted as a kitten. He is huge-about 20 pounds with a huge, bushy tail that would rival Lucy's. The second photo is of Toby, our Dalmatian, attempting to use the kitty bed. You can just barely see it peeking out from under him. Bear in mind that he is 80 pounds and I think he truly believed he fit in the kitty bed. Actually I think he was retailating for all the times Max has slept on Toby's huge, overstuffed dog bed. I will not, NOT, be knitting Toby a felted kitty bed in his size.
    Jennifer: I finished my Wendy's Kitty Bed using Lamb's Pride in 5 colors and some "Funny" that I found in the bottom of my yarn stash. It's a foreign yarn and I'm not exactly sure where it's from.

Second photo is of Blackie in the kitty bed.


    Elizabeth: Miss Kitty Fantastico LOVES it!
She climbed in as soon as I took it off the blocking and stayed for 3 hours. I knit it
using bulky gray Lopi and pink Lambs Pride worsted with pink Fun Fur.
Lelah: After making two for the shelter, I promised my Parsley that I would make one for him since he like the other ones so much.
I used two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky with Patons Cha-Cha, though I should have used 2.5 skeins of Lamb's Pride for this one since he's pretty big. They were knit up on sz 13 needles.

    Kayleen: This Murphy in his kitty pi bed. I used a variety of wool yarn I found at the local thrift shop. The top dark blue almost black is Brown sheep’s Lamb’s pride bulky. You will notice the fluted look of the bed. I decided the original pattern was not going to be big enough for my cats, so after getting to 144 stitches and stitching about five rounds I increased once again for a total of 288 stitches. Then I stitched 25 rounds for a total of thirty. I did the first decrease round, knit ten, knit 2 together. Then I panicked realizing I was not going to get it back into the kitty cup shape. So I knit another round then decreased back to 132 stitches and finished the pattern from there as written. After fulling it twice I got the resulting shape.

The Sheep’s Pride gave a very tight stiff top edge. The thrift store yarn felted softer. So when Murphy curls into the edge of it the soft part of the bed expands and the stiff edge pulls up over his back covering him a bit.

I am really happy with the shape. I already have another bed on the needles made entirely of Sheep's pride. I am interested to see if I can get the same shape again.

Thank you for the pattern. I have a very happy cat this morning. I couldn’t even get him to wake up for the photo!

    Emma:I couldn’t find any fuzzy yarn I liked
(we don’t have that much choice in the
UK when it comes to yarn) so it’s just plain and simple. The yarn is Rowanspun Chunky. It’s hard to get large dpns here so I used the two circular needles technique instead.
Rachelle: I knit this cat bed out of some old Lopi I had lying around for ages.  It didn't really felt, so the bed is quite large
    Rani: The tortie is Sabrina, our 12 year old kitty.  I figured she deserved somewhere to rest her weary bones.  Mostly she sleeps all the time.  She loves her new bed.  Little did I know that Indy, our 6 year old would love it just as much.  Guess I'll be making at least one more.  I also have a 4 year old Maine Coon that is pushing 17 pounds.  He is going to need one double the size. ;-)

Anyway, this is made of Manos, color #113 with Funny eyelash yarn at the top.  I had my dh add a cardboard ring around the inside edge to keep the sides upright.  Sabrina didn't like it when the sides touched her, so she wouldn't use it.  Indy did, but he just laid on top of it with the sides smashed down under him. 

Next time I'll use a double strand of Cascade 220 and see how that works.

    Sandy: Pixel wishes it were bigger, but the other 3 cats think it fits them just fine.
(he's 15+ pounds)
Terry: I whipped up this bed from Cascade 220 and some Lamb's Pride with a little eyelash trim in about two days

    Maggi: The babies (none too visible) are siblings Frances & Hondo, 11 weeks old yesterday. The yarns are Cascade 220 (#7818) and some "found" yarn, Bernat Tapestria, in two colors held together. I
don’t remember the name of the blue
Erika: Soprasetta  is chilling out in her bed done in all sorts of odds and ends yarns, lopi, lamb's pride bulky, plymouth italia dragon and fingerpaint, and fun fur trim
    Kristen: This past fall one of my very good friends adopted a ragdoll kitten and named him "Levi." Levi is a bundle of energy and doesn't hold still very long, but he held still long enough to climb into his new bed made from Reynold Lopi and other 100% merino I had left over.
    Lynn: This is my cat Kali in her new bed.  She prefers to sleep under the bed rather than in it
    Christine: These are pictures of Miss Nala Sue reposing in her kitty pi made of thrift shop Lopi and Lion Brand Fun Fur.  She loves it now that "winter" has finally arrived in Sarasota, Florida, her home.
    Inger Lise: I would love it if you would include my burmese in your gallery. After a short period of inspecting the bed, it was definitely approved! My cat is having kittens in February and she sleeps all day long, so the bed next to the radiator was a big hit. :) I used some old leftover wool and felted it on 90 degrees celsius in the washing machine
    Terri: I whipped one up just before Christmas for our friends' cat.  I used some Tahki "Magic" bulky merino I had in the stash and the trim was Fur Out yarn. As you can see, it met with some feline indifference upon presentation, but I am assured Kitty (or Bucky, depending on to which family member you speak)is using it as his little bed now.
    Libby: Here's Sugarpuss in his Lopi kitty pie - he makes a nice filling, yes?  He's not the eyelash type of kitty, so I rolled the top
edge so he'd have a place to rest his kitty chin.  He loves it.
Jennifer: I made a kitty bed from your pattern at thanksgiving for my female cat in lovely princess-y girl colors (lamb’s pride bulky with crystal palace fizz – I made the sides higher and folded the top over), but the guys have taken it over from her. I’ll have to make another one soon. This is a picture of Lloyd.
    Stephanie: I made mine with Reynolds Lopi
 - I bought two skeins of four different
colors to mix and match together and
several different colored skeins of Lion
Brand Fun Fur (the Fun Fur used in this bed
is Sandstone). My cat was also a bit finicky about trying out her new bed - my husband suggested that we put catnip inside it. The attached picture is the end result!  Her name is Shelby.
Loray: Thanks so much for posting the pattern to the kitty bed!!! My cat loves it too!!!! I may stretch it out a little bit more, if I can pry it away from her!!
    J: Here's a pic of Yaro in his new bed! Mimi: This is Mango in his bed. It took several months before either of my cats would try it, but now it is a favorite cozy place.
    Eliza: I made the bed with Classic Elite Two Two, one hank each of pink, grey, green and cream.  I didn't have enough yardage to make it as tall as I would have liked to, but she seems to really like it as she has spent hours in it every night since I finished it. Martina: I just wanted to send a pic of my kitty sabine enjoying her new pi bed
    Kaitlin: I finished a Kitty Pi for my little Stitch a while back. I think it gets more use than any of my other knitted projects. I used Lamb's Pride worsted (I double stranded it to get a bulky weight) in dark blue and light grey heather and Crystal Palace Squiggle for the eyelash. Someday I'll get around to making him another one, since he loves this one so much!
    Karla: T says thanks for the kitty bed
Pat: I used a little over 2 skeins of Gjestal Naturgarn (from Elann) in Magenta, the 'fur' is ZAP from Berroco.  I did start out with 11 DPNs, then graduated to size 13 circ's and increased a few stitches.  I knit it rather deeply hoping it would felt a bit more stiffly, no such luck, although Rosie isn't complaing.

Lynne: Just wanted to let you know that I finished your kitty pi bed yesterday and my cats love it!  Thanks so much for sharing this fun pattern - I have many more to make for friends and relatives now - what fun!
Here's a picture of Salem claiming this new bed as her own, and another of Roxie sneaking in when Salem left the room.  Amber hasn't squeezed herself into it as of yet, but was sniffing around while it was being blocked
Kitty bed knitted by Constance
    Malin: I've knitted this bed for my cat Susi...although we had a little discussion at first, Susi now enjoys her new bed (at least when there are no sweaters available...)
    Rachel: Harry (the gray) and Chloe (the calico)playing lounging in their new kitty bed Erin: I adopted a cat (frank w. socks) last week and immediately started knitting one for him. I used 3.5 balls of araucania nature wool chunky on 8mm needles and followed your pattern until I did a test felt and saw how much it shrank. at that point in did another increase row (to 288 stitches) and while finishing up did 4 decrease rows.
Frank is incredibly happy with his bed and is sound asleep in it as I type this :) 
    Strikkelitt: Here is my catbed, made from your pattern. Its made from some leftovers in bright colors. Nice, isn't it? The cat is HUGE and really uses his bed. Its fun to see your collection of catbeds!
    Matt: Hi there, just wanted to thank you for making that pattern for Kitty Pi.  I modified it a bit, used #13 needles, and did one set of  increases past 144 ( I think every 6 or 12 sts), but my cats are big and I wanted them to fit the bed.  I used 2 skeins of Lopi Black and Brown from the discount rack, and some green lopi scraps from an old sweater I finished, and then double stranded some worsted Lambs Pride scraps and finished off with leftover squiggle.   Pong loves it.  I didn't even have to put him in it, he just climbed right in.  I'll probably be making another one for my other cat soon. :)
    Barbara: I've been a reader of your blog for about a year now, and just finished up my own Kitty Pi for my own Lucy.  I thought I'd send a picture of it for your gallery.  I did mine out of Paton's Classic Merino.  It felted a bit more than I hoped, but Lucy seems to like it just fine! Dee: Duke likes his new “throne” adapted from your “kitty pi” pattern
    Emily: This is my cat Oscar in the kitty pi bed I knit for him. He absolutely loves it and i really enjoyed knitting it!
I have knitted the Kitty Pi that you generously share, and it was a GREAT fun ! It was my very first experience in felting. The most difficult thing was to find a feltable yarn, almost all our yarns in France are superwash.
It was such a surprise to see what it became in the washing machine: my boyfriend thought something horrible was happening, because I jumped and shouted !  :-))
Our very tiny cat loves her kitty bed, but when she stretches, sometimes she find herself covered by the sides, like a canneloni, and she seems to enjoy it !
    Jill:This is Ada enjoying her Puppy Pi. I used Lamb's Pride Bulky for the dark brown/light blue and Reynold's Lopi for the light brown. The bed knit up really quickly and was a
great weekend project.


Florence: Here is a photo of my cat shazam, sleeping stretched out on the kitty bed, because he doesn't like to sleep in round!!

    Laura: After a couple weeks, the kitty bed has flattened out somewhat, but Digory still seems to enjoy it. I used Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, with Casca for the eyelash. I was a little nervous about the size so I knit a few extra rounds, but may not do that again when I make another for our other cat, Mouse, since there seemed to be plenty of room for Diggy and Mouse is a comparable size.
    Lisa: I made this Kitty Pi for my friend's cat Tiger.  He's grossly overweight, so I made it really big, from 3 entire skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky with Fun Fur for the fringe.  Unfortunately Tiger's sister Magic has also taken a liking to it, which is why you can barely see it in these photos.  I'll be making another one for her soon!  I also made one (same yarns, in different colors) for my own kitten, Kage, but she thinks of it more as an fun attack toy than a sleeping place.
    Carolyne in Australia: I found your Kitty Pi pattern when I was looking for a cat bed to actually sew my cat (Yoshi), but thought I'd give the Kitty Pi a go instead. I'm not a very proficient knitter, and had never used double pointed nor circular needles before, but your pattern was easy to follow. I did have some trouble finding large diameter needles, so ended up knitting it up on smaller ones. I used Lincraft (a chain craft/fabric store in Australia) 'big wool' in two colour ways, and also their 'funky fibre print' for the eyelash bit (as well as some scraps of synthetic yarn at the top because I ran out of wool).Yoshi got into the bed of his own accord shortly after it was finished, which made me so happy!
Carrie: I love your kitty bed pattern and I
love my kitty- he’s an 8 month old Bengal named Khan. I call him Little One because
he’s pretty darn small for a leopard!

His bed is made from Landscapes – Lion Brand. It “sort of” felted. Basically it “fuzzed.” I could have kept going with the felting, but it took days to dry, and I kind of like it as is. Trim is Lion Brand Fun Fur.  Thanks for the pattern!

Angela: Red Sophia has decided that, among the many kitty beds I've made, she likes the purple sparkly one the best.
    Mary: Thank you so much for the Kitty Pi Pattern!  Our Maine Coon Cats, Georgia and Savannah are enjoying them so much! Actually, they like them right side up and upside down (I stuff a towel around the edges)! (Clockwise from top left, Georgia in Lopi Kitty Pi, Georgia in upside-down Lopi Kitty Pi, Savannah in Big Kureyon Kitty Pi, and Georgia in Bartlett Fisherman Yarn Kitty Pi)
    Delphine: I have just finished the kitty Bed for my Bounty cat!
    Bec: Your Felted Kitty Bed pattern is a wonderful gift for all feline-dom!  My two (Bean & Peanut) love their beds, and even figured out early on who owned which bed (I colour coordinated them to show a minimum of sheddage).  Peanut’s bed has a short row overlap at the top, as she tends to snuggle underneath things, while Bean’s is the classic style.  Both knitted from Paton’s Up Country, 100% wool.  Mystery carry along eyelash yarn trim for Bean’s bed.  Please note that both of my girls were too warm and comfy to look up for photographs, even though I called them repeatedly.
    Kate: My specifics on Manchego’s kitty pi: I didn’t have knitting needles yet so my KP was crocheted with a wooden crochet hook that I whittled from a coat hanger crossbar as a kid. Crocheting, it took lots more yarn than indicated. Wool used included Noro Kureyon, Renolds Lopi, Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky and misc. mohair skein leftovers that were stranded along for the fuzzy effects. Numerous trips through the washer produced a dense fuzzy dish rather than the bowl I was hoping for, but it turned out to be a perfect lounge-around shape for one Very Large Loveable Kitty, and it was completed in one weekend.
    Jen: I knitted mine from doubled Lambs Pride worsted and one lonely ball of Kureyon, with dollar-bin Target fun fur as the trim. Gabardine and Agnes love it! Knitting this finally made me "get" dpn's.
    Emily: Molly in her kitty pi. I knitted this one in Noro Kureyon but you can use any 100% wool that will felt when you put it through the wash!
    Claire: This is Brigid, my shy rescue kitty. I had no more than 3 minutes before put the finished kitty pi bed in its place than she claimed it for her own (the other two cats, Brutus and Godzilla (Zoe really by name, but Godzilla by temperament) will have to wait for their own pi beds. Plus I have three grandcats clamoring for pi beds. Amy: I finished one (though I think it needs another trip thru the felt/block process ) Here is a pic of my baby .. Desdemona.. giving it a test drive
    : I knitted the DPN part flat, sewed up the seam, then switched to circs...after felting you couldn't even see where I had sewn up the seam! Awesome!!

Anyway, this was knitted for a friends new cat, but I had my two cats test it first, and they loved it, so I guess I'll be making a couple more for them! I attached 2 pics. This was knit with Reynolds lopi and some clearance eyelash yarn from my LYS

    Jenn: I didn't want to use a high end yarn on something Isis (my snuggle baby and knitting companion) may ignore, so I used Lion brand  fisherman's wool. The big needles on a non-chunky make an interesting ribbed effect when felted. the basket in the background is what I blocked it on.
    Terry: The yarn used: some worsted space-dyed wool mistake yarn purchased on eBay, similar to Wool Pak, Fur yarn edge: Lion Brand Fun Fur, Model's name: Fluffo (not her real name) Claire: Here's my 2nd one, knit for one of my grandcats, Charcoal. I hope to get a picture of him in it soon! He lives far away, grandcatmum hasn't gotten to see him in person yet, but it's cold in Missouri, so I'm hoping he likes this. It was made with Lamb's Pride wool and dazzlelash.
    Trista: Thank you for posting this inspiring pattern. My mother's cats are deeply grateful, as I hope you can see!  The yarn for the gray cat's (Smokey's) bed is Dharia's  handspun hand-dyed merino, held together with some Color Your Own from Knit Picks. The yarn for the white(r) (Sugar's) kitty's bed is the rest of the batch of Color Your Own I dyed held 
with Wool of the Andes.  The eyelash is some old stash Berroco, I believe. Overall, it was a lovely introduction to felting, and I loved the project.
    Cathy: #1 - My Lucy holds court in this bed knit of Morehouse Farm bulky merino (on sale at a crafts fair) and flea market eyelash. The bed didn't full completely despite numerous washings, but I like the stitch definition. So does Lucy.

#2 - Her brother Mack stretches out in the second and larger bed, made of odds and ends. The cream and salt/pepper bands are thick and thin wool from the flea market; it felted like crazy in just one wash.

#3 - Mack, who loves to stuff his 18 lbs. into places too small for him, wonders if Lucy got the better deal.
    Emily: The Kitty Pi Bed Pattern was a stashbusting success around these here parts.  I had a bunch of gray Lopi I needed to use up, and you can also see I added some
purple striping funky mohair I got from Smileys that I've been trying to figure out how to use.  (At least I used up one ball on this project).  The edging is Bernat Boa. 

I made the bed for one of our cats, Wilbur.  It has been mostly claimed by Houdini (Hootie without the Blowfish for short).  Wilbur has taken to chewing bits of it (attracted by the Lopi or the mohair, I'm not sure which).  It could probably do with another round of felting--it's a bit floppy.  I also cut the main rounds down to 20 (I was running out of yarn).  But it's big enough for Hootie's more muscular build.
    Laurie: My friend Karine lives in Athens, Greece, where winters can be cold for cats. Tara is her cat. Tara had no kitty bed, my friend cannot knit, so I made a kitty bed out of Rowan and Colinette and sent it to her. Here are pictures for your gallery (life before and after the kitty bed).
    Carol: This is Bella snoozing in her dyed-with-Kool aid Fisherman’s wool bed with an overlaid fun edging. And this is Callie who is forced to share until the new one is made.
    Susan: the first bed I made for my kitty, Isabella.  It looked like a lot of the beds in the gallery sort of matched the cats, and I figured it would be good to have colors that hid hair, so I made it grey and white, with a touch of pink, just like her.  I used Galway Chunky from Plymouth Yarn, and it took most of three balls.  I was sort of distressed when I felted it, because it didn't get as dense or stiff as I would have liked, but she doesn't mind.  She spends a lot of time both in it and on it and also likes to pouce on it like she's attacking it.  Oh, and for blocking it I got a plastic tray from the deli at the supermarket. And the second one I made for my friend's cat, named the Spook, using Mauch Chunky from Kraemer Yarns.  That yarn felted GREAT.  I think I may have underestimated the size of the Spook though. :-/ 
    Becky: The first Kitty Pi I made using Noro Iro (3 skeins) and size 13 needles. I felted it three times and realized Sampson would not fit – it now makes a great coffee table bowl.
My second attempt was with 4 skeins of Noro Big Kureyon on size 11 needles and I added an additional increase before knitting the 30 rows. I only felted this one once. Sampson can fit his entire 17 pound body in this one and he loves it!
    Susan: The orange bed was a Christmas present for orange Toby. It is not coming apart! (That is yarn from a tag.) We used the bed as a gift basket and filled it with gifts for all the family members.
The red, grey, white, and black bed was made with leftovers from all my previous beds and is being shared by two kitties in NYC: Elvis and Stella. This is Stella trying to establish dominance, I think.
    Maria-Ana: I came across your kitty bed gallery and decided to knit a bed for my new kitten: Amelia. She is also a ragdoll like Lucy.
Amelia simply loves the bed I made her. She loves the fact that I placed her new bed on my desk so that she can sleep and be cuddled at the same time (while I try to get some work done!!).
    Becky: When my kitten Major (named after a former Texas quarterback) came home to live us, I knew one of the first things I had to do was make him a bed (in University of Texas colors of course!!) It took him a few tries to understand what it was (he peed in it the first two times - good thing it was felted so I could wash it!), but now he loves his bed and he sleeps in it every night.
I used Lamb's Pride Bulky in Burnt Orange and White on Denise 11's and Gedrifa orange eyelash yarn for the trim. I learned the hard way that white yarn doesn't felt well, but everyone loves the bed- especially Major.
    Claire: Here is the most recently finished
kitty pi bed, with Zoe (aka Godzilla) testing it.  It will be in the mail soon, for one of my grandcats, Bunny
Ellen: The Little Kittle is trying out the bed I knitted for Larry, the Grandcat. She seems to like it; I guess I'll make her one, too. The bed is knitted of Wool Pak Yarns NZ, 10 ply, doubled on #11 needles.
First photos is of Calvin in his White Buffalo Unspun.  Sadly, this yarn is no longer being produced, but it made fabulous kitty beds.  I started out making kitty beds with double strands of Patons Classic Merino, which felted very nicely, but I should've made the beds a bit larger.  I tried White Buffalo Unspun, and was hooked -- used that until the supply ran out.  Last few beds have been double-stranded with Lopi and Lopi Lite -- trying to emulate the White Buffalo, which was quite thick, but my Lopi beds have turned out much floppier than the White Buffalo ones.
Second photo is of Hobbes, snoozing near his Patons Classic Merino bed.  This bed occasionally hosts a sleeping kitty, but is much more of a favored play thing.  Hobbes claimed it within minutes of its completion, and continues to dive into it and fling it into the air on a daily basis.  We're very much enjoying these -- thanks!
    Robin: It has taken Mr. Ace 3 weeks to get this far! I'm sure he's going to love it... eventually! Laura:I made the kitty bed for a dog.  Strange? No. Mischka is an Italian Greyhound and weighs about 9 pounds.  She get cold easily, so she appreciates the warmth from the bed.  Mischka belongs to a friend of my grandmother. Wish I could claim her as mine - she is adorable. I made the bed using Lamb's Pride Bulky. I added a few more rows to give the bed a wider circumference, allowing for the long doggy legs. I finished the top with Crystal Palace Fizz and Paton's Fun Fur
    Leslie: Here are a few pictures of Katie - she loves her new Kitty Pi!  I used Nashua Creative Focus Chunky (wool/alpaca) with Cascade 220 wool on size 15 needles.
    Shoofly: Attached is a photo of Tonka Mighty Backhoe's first snooze in her kitty bed, and another of her scoping it out for the first time.
    Laura: Dexie loves loves loves the knitted bed I made for her using your pattern.  I made this bed out of some Galway (double stranded on size 13 needles).  It knitted up so quickly -- I made it in a weekend.  The "trim" is some grocery store yarn.  It was funny when I bought it -- the customer behind me in line asked me how I was going to cook it!  I think she thought it was some exotic veggie!
    Eunice: "Doggie" pi for Cori, made from Noro Big Kureyon
    Anne: I just wanted to show you some pictures of my Mickey with her kitty pi bed.  I hate doing increases, so I reversed the pattern and worked it from the edge in.  It was an extremely easy knit!  I used a double strand of Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks, with Fun Fur in Lava for the trim.  It took Mickey a little while to get used to the idea, but when I woke up today she was asleep in her bed, with my foot wedged underneath
    Chrissy: I just wanted to drop you line because I was inspired by your Kitty Pi gallery and just knitted (and felted!) one for my Maine Coon cat. She loves it, as you can see! As soon as it was dry I put it on the floor, and she came over, sniffed it, and sat in it right away! Since then we always find her curled up in it.
Tara: I love the kitty pi pattern. Humboldt snuggles down in his daily. Natalie: Ceili jumped in her pie as soon as it was on the sofa. I really had a wonderful experience with the pattern-my first successful attempt on the double pointed needles.
    Gretchen: I've attached pictures of my very first cat Chico in his very first handmade cat bed. The brownish spot in the background is my dog Ram. To make the bed, I used Lamb's Pride Bulky 85% Wool/15% Mohair in Loden Leaf as the main color and Orchid Thistle for the stripes. The novelty yarn for the last 5 rounds is from Custom Dyed Yarns by Prism and is called Bubbles, the color is Garden. Mimi: I just wanted to thank you for the great pattern for the Kitty Pi.  I made it for my mom's cats as a mother's day present and can't wait to give it to her.  I am sending you a pic (with my kitty India modeling it).  I can't wait to make it again for our cats!  It was my very first felted project.  Thanks for your generosity.  My mom is going to go nuts for it! I made it with Manos Del Uruguay yarn and the trim is some left over mystery novelty yarn.
    From Cathy -- Mackie on the half-shell Coley: My new kitten Azazel loves it!! I used bulky lambs pride in pink and Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1 in Red, with 2 strands of Orange Fun-Fur (from Target)
    Karen: I made a Kitty Pi last year for our
new cat, Wallace.  I'm attaching a photo of him using it herewith.  Unfortunately, we
have recently lost him, but I nonetheless wanted to share with you his (short!) love
of his kitty pi.
Amy: This is Yum Yum in a Kitty Pi made with Big Kureyon, Lamb's Pride Bulky, and a little eyelash yarn. I didn't have a suitably sized
trashcan around the house, so I used the lid of a cake carrier for blocking. Thank you for making this pattern available. It was fun to
knit, and Yum Yum loves it!
    Pam: Thank you so much for your Kitty Pi pattern.  It was so much fun to knit and my cat actually likes it.  I bought her 3 beds that she wouldn't even look at.  She just looked at them like, 'those look like something for an animal'.  I think she likes her Kitty Pi bed because she helped make it. Here are a couple of pictures.  I used Naturwolle from Ingeborg Michels

    Cindy: My odyssey began last Christmas when I made the blue bed from leftover worsted that I had been saving for about 10 years. It was of uncertain pedigree, much like the kitties, but I believe Galway and Lambs Pride were two types of yarn I used. Since it was worsted I
held it doubled. I gave it to my sister for her "cats" and not only was it a big hit with my sister, Hefner immediately took possession of it. (Especially since she put it near the heat vent in her bathroom.) He never left it long enough for poor Trixie to try it.

After several kitty "set-tos" it became apparent a second bed was needed pronto. This time I actually had to purchase yarn. I used three skeins of Brown Sheep Bulky for Trixie's bed.

At this point I was thinking about retiring from kitty pi bed knitting, but my mother convinced me to knit one for her to give as a gift. Which I did (no jpg attached). This time since I really was heading into Pi retirement, my sister, who is not really a knitter at all, knit one, for her boyfriend's cat Rosie. There is a second in progress for Clancy, Rosie's house mate.
    Ariel: My cats showed no interest in the darling bed, but Rufus on the other hand, has claimed it for his own. He tried to kill it when he first saw the fun fur edge, now he sleeps on its carcass. Or tries to, at least. Susan: I knit this bed for my Maine Coon kitten, Horatio, and he absolutely loves it!  That seems to be the theme from all the kitties out there, mine included!  He also manages to sleep in all the other beds I am making for gifts, thus making them belong to "himself" as well! 
    Jodi: Here she is in her kitty pi in her basket.  I finished the bed in January.  it's made with a single strand of Big Kureyon.  May was the first time I saw her lie in it.  She loves that basket by itself, and I placed the bed inside.

It's taken 9 months, but today (060903), my Enza finally snuggled in her Kitty Pi on it's own (no basket)!

I finished another one yesterday, this time made with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes , Cascade 220, Kureyon, and Fun Fur.  I hope she takes to this one, too.

    Jo: Nicky and I want to thank you for your Kitty Pi pattern.  As you can see Nicky loves her snuggly new bed.  I used Big Kureyon Colour 18 and Lion Brand Fun Fur Colour Violet.  Now my beagle is demanding a Doggy Pi so I had better get knitting! Knitted by Dawn for Twisty the cat
    Lara: Thank you so much for the kitty pi pattern!  I made one for my boys, using the variations mentioned by Kayleen in your kitty bed gallery because my kitties are biggies.  The sides ended up a bit short, so I'm working on a second one with slighter variations right now.  Attached are a couple pictures of my tabby cat, Alex, in/on his pi and his brother, Biscuit, cavorting around him.

I used a little more than 3 skeins of Lamb's Pride bulky weight wool in three different shades.  I followed the directions, mostly, except after I had increased to 144 stitches, I knitted about 5 more rows and then increased each stitch again.  Like Kayleen, I stitched somewhere around 25 rounds (although I think I miscounted).  Then, I decreased it back to 144 stitches and followed the pattern after that.

    Kathleen: Thanks so much for your Kitty PI . My husband and the  pugs are so impressed with my progress! I just love the Mardi Gras colors. The bed is for my daughter's 3 cats .. but Molly, the pug, is begging me to keep it! The  yarns used are Araucania Wool  and Patons Cha Cha. Of course, some of your  mice will have to be made to go with the bed..

Dawn: This is my second cat bed.  My cats love them.  I made this one from lambs pride.