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My prize is finding this knitter's site:  .  Warning, If you want to print the pattern, use landscape page layout.
 Judy's Infant Socks:  A cute little sock for babies done in a fine fingering weight yarn.
my favorite free pattern on the net is the holey sock by  eleanor gallo-hendrikx.  i knit this socks back in '98 i think.  for a free pattern it was a fine sock, and i am thinking about knitting it again.  i did it in a crepe dk, and the sock was beautiful.
My favorite free online sock pattern is:
It works up as good, top-down heavy-duty sock that's great to wear with galoshes or work boots. The instructions are clear, and easy to follow.

This is of course all in German, but I AM German so this is the obvious thing !
It is a basic instruction for knitting socks and it explains the short-row heel very nicely and with a lot of pics. I learnt from this site how to get rid of the holes in short-rowing.

Here's my favorite ... a great pattern for beginning socknitters who are
ready to try something more adventurous than ribbed or stockinette cuffs. It
looks classy, knits up quickly and keeps the knitter's interest. Features a
short-row heel with line-by-line instructions for those new to the
I'm not much of a sock knitter (I have trouble completing the
second sock), but I like the idea of using only 2 needles.  This URL is
for a free pattern on 2 needles AND it's toe-up.
This is a wonderful, medium wt. cushy sock.  Easy for beginners.
Clear instructions by designer Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer; and the resulting socks are big enough for babies and toddlers.
I am new to sock knitting, but am already getting the bug.  Most of my socks so far have been knitted on 2 circulars (i.e. the Cat Bordi method).  However, I have also been using this pattern Lydia generously posted on her website after I asked about it..
Of course,
is my favorite free sock pattern.
since my daughters like me to make footie type socks, this pattern was ideal.  It's also nice to make a change from the standard sock wool and work with the stretchy Fixation cotton/lycra blend.  I plan to make more of these soon . . .
Basic Sock -- Free Yarn Directions
I stumbled upon this pattern through the live knitting journal. I can't really describe it b/c I haven't used it yet. I've never made socks, so sometimes I just read it in the hope and dreams of being able to:)
Since I can't list yours, I'll choose the other toe-up pattern I used when learning socks.  This is from the Socknitters, and is one of six classes in various sock techniques.  (Sneaky way to slip in some more URLs.)  This one has a general discussion on increases and six detailed lessons on making the sock.
Because it's percentage based and toe-up, you can use any yarn and make it to fit any foot (well, as long as you have the foot right there in front of you!).

I usually just kind of make up my socks from a basic pattern, but this is one that I am using (kind of). It's basically a variation on ribbing. K2 P2 for two rows, K two rows, repeat. I'm doing it with Trekking XL on size 0 needles. I ended up casting on 76 stitches, so my pattern is a lot smaller.
A great free sock pattern on the internet is The Sock Calculator.  You can use any gauge any needle, and choose between hand knit or machine knit.

This sock pattern is called "Butterfly Bows Anklets", and a different version was printed in the SockX3 book.  While this pattern is sized for children, I adapted it to an adult sized sock pattern and made a pair out of Lavendar Lace Lorna's sock yarn for my cousin's girl for her birthday.
Reports are that she loves them.

A great, quick sock pattern using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn.  These are the first socks I ever made.  Great education on the anatomy of a sock and pretty quick gratification since you use size 8 needles.

I loved making these socks! The cables kept it interesting and the final result was great. The recipient of the socks say it is their favorite pair!
Here's my favorite free sock pattern (I love Lacy!):
 My favorite free sock pattern is the Drunken Master Ribbing sock at the Sward Queen Armory.
Socks 101 by Terri Royea

Above is the URL for, IMHO, the canonical collection of free sock knitting patterns on the web - lots and lots of subsidiary links to lots of great patterns -- some with photos.

It is a top-down, heel-flap sock. What I liked best about it was that I had never knit socks before (in 25+years of knitting) and had purchased 2 balls of wild Regia. I looked on the 'net, and thought this pattern, with it's ability to make adjustments based on gauge - I added my own adjustments for my high instep - made it a perfect answer to my problem: because I didn't just want to knit socks, I wanted to learn how to knit socks!

This is my favorite free pattern on the net. The original pattern is by Sandy Turner and this version was converted to fingering weight yarn by Karen Hoyle.  The sock has a nice nubby texture which is continued on top of the sock all the way to the toe.
Well, this is slightly cheating, I suspect - I was looking for kilt hose a while back and found

but in truth I found it by linking through from

which has a huge number of patterns listed on the free pattern page.
I like Kim Salazar's Pine Tree Toe Up socks pattern,  I have found it to be well-written and it makes a nice looking sock.
Crusoe from Knitty

A little easy pattern repeat that shows off the colors of multicolor yarns so beautifully.
"They Don't Suck Socks"
My favorite free sock pattern is Marilyn Robert's (aka: The Knitting Curmudgeon) pattern - Achim's socks.  They have a classic look to them - one thin cable running down the sides - very nice.


Here you will find a picture of a traditional Norwegian sock with a link to the pattern:

My favorite on line free sock pattern is a toe up pattern at  This pattern is for the ďJelly Bean SocksĒ  Done in the vibrant jelly bean colored Regia Ringal.   My kids love these socks! 
This is my favourite top down sock pattern to date (yours being my favorite toe-up).  It's a generic sock pattern that just lists fractions so you can make a simple sock using whatever yarn and needles once you know your stitch gauge.

This is a free pattern from lion brand to go with their magic stripes yarn. It's really basic, cuff down, knit on DPNs (tho I use a circular).

Boot socks ~ great for the impending cold weather.  I highly recommend.
here's "my" link for you with House Elf Socks (Harry Potter):-)
My favorite sock pattern is my koigu ruffles pattern:
This is one of those plug-in-your measurements-and-gauge-and-get-a-personalized-pattern dohickey!
This is a scanned historical pattern from wartime knitting efforts.
Sandrine's Mini Waffle Socks are some of my Non-Regia favourite socks. They are fast, fun and easy!
I'd also like to mention the sock knitting school on
Nice pattern and clear instructions, particularly for those who are new sock knitters.
Here's my fave... and it's easy!
My favorite Sock pattern is for the Queen Elizabeth I stockings.  The url
This is "Double Trouble", instructions for a generic pattern for toe-up
socks two-at-at time on two circs.
One of my favorite patterns is David Mackay's Basketcase Socks. Although it calls for DK weight yarn, I have knitted the pattern in fingering weight socks for my small size 6 feet. This pattern is great because it showcases variegated handpainted yarns, e.g., Lorna's Laces, to their best advantage--minimizing color pooling. The gauge is 7 st/in (which is much more than I usually do for socks), so it would probably work well for someone with a larger foot in a thicker yarn, e.g., Schaefer Little Lola. 
Unfortunately, David's site is no longer, but I was able to find the URL on the Wayback Machine:
My favorite free sock pattern is available on the knitting site:

This one turns my crank because a)I really love Fixation yarn-it is cotton and lycra b) the pattern is easy to recall  and c) not much into short row heels EXCEPT in Fixation  It's a pattern for 4 different sizes of toe up socks.
Here is my absolute favorite sock pattern that is NOT toe up. We know who's toe up pattern that I am using.
My favorite free online sock pattern:
My family members prefer worsted weight socks.  These are fun because I love cables!
 It's a vintage pattern for knitted mesh stockings.  These thigh high stockings would be cute with a mini plaid skirt, a button-up Oxford, and some sexy heeled mary janes -- the classic school girl outfit.  Definitely a unique sock pattern!
It's a basic sock pattern for worsted-weight wool.  Very straightforward, nice photograph, some pointers for double-pointed novices.  It's at
My fav is the Sun and Moon socks at My idea is to knit the stars and moon with glow in the dark yarn--I have the yarn, now I have to do it! [I did try a sample and it is great!]
the bias striping is interesting, the lace is better.
I have not made these yet, but I just adore the tulips on the heel
One of my favorite quick and easy patterns is Pine Tree Socks on Helene Rush's site:
Koigu Sock Pattern--makes a really nice, snug sock--no bells or whistles:
This is site has links to a staggering number of free sock patterns. I
frequently browse through them and some are pretty good!
The pattern is for Joan's Woolease Socks, although now they are called
Joan's Socks.
Here is the URL:
I made these socks
out of Lorna's Laces 'sockknitters rainbow' although the yarn shown seems to be one of the Regia rainbow colorways - this is an extremely nifty pattern, looks cabled but is all done with increases and decreases, and the ribbing is really lovely.  Really cool socks.  Some errors and unclarities in the pattern that you have to work out for yourself, where the instep joins back in, but the result is nice.
This is the pattern
 I would propose for the contest. 
The way this pattern is described in all its aspects is very nice indeed: all the foibles during the execution of the project are mentioned in an honest straightforward way, explained and corrected, the final result is not a beginner's sock, but a really meaningful object with a lot of historical and cultural meaning.

The sock pattern Iím about to nominate IS a heel flap pattern!  I nominate it because itís easily adapted into your pattern, one can just snag the cute little intarsia chili peppers.  Hereís the link:
Below is the link for Cat's Paw Socks.
Although I've never knit these, I pulled the pattern off the web quite a while ago.  I like the idea of the xoxo pattern for a loved one, and these (although they're not toe-up), have always intrigued me.  They're entitled, John's Anniversox. 
Here's a link to top-down socks with an Aran Braid down the side that becomes a cable at the instep.
Socka Color - 2 skeins
4 #2 (U.S.) dpns
A generic sock "recipe" that teaches how to take measurements and figure gauge, then calculate stitches for any weight yarn.  I made my first pair of socks from this pattern.  Many more followed this past year. 
My favorite sock pattern is The Sock Calculator:
Not Just for Golf socks are cute, sporty, low-cut socks which are perfect "everyday" socks.